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Mineral Complex (3kg)

Price: $77.00 (inc gst)
Objectives: A mineral supplement to promote an ideal final calcium : phosphorus ratio via 3 highly concentrated sources of calcium.
Mineral Complex (3kg)
Our Comment: An ideal triple source of concentrated calcium for all horses of any age and activity level.

Did You Know:

Adding even just a small quantity of an extra component (e.g. oats) to a "complete feed" can upset the calcium:phosphorus ratio which then requires re-balancing.


Calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium gluconate, sea salt. All other necessary micronutrients are provided by TWYDIL® RACING or TWYDIL® STUD.

Feeding Instructions:

(1 measuring scoop = 20 g) DAILY DOSE:

Adult Horses: 80 g (4 scoops)

Broodmares: 60 - 80 g (3 - 4 scoops)

Foals and Yearlings: 40 - 80 g (2 - 4 scoops)

Available in: Tub: 3kg or 10 kg

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