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Protect Plus (10 x 60g sachets)

Price: $130.00 (inc gst)
Objectives: Anti-oxidant effect to help maintain muscle strength and function.
Protect Plus (10 x 60g sachets)
Our Comment: Balanced anti-oxidant. Horses at risk of Oxidative Stress and subsequent toxic damage to tissues, particularly of the musculoskeletal system.

Did You Know:

"Oxidative Stress" exists when consumption of oxygen produces reactive oxygen species (e.g. free radicals, peroxides) which outweigh the body's ability to detoxify them and/or repair the damage they inflict. Understanding of Oxidative Stress is growing rapidly - it is induced by heavy exercise and inflammation, and has been linked in horses to muscle disorders, lower airway diseases, joint disease and reduced fertility. Refer Studies for more information.


Balanced anti-oxidant combination of vitamins (E, C, B group), beta-carotene, L-carnitine, glutathione precursors and other essential vitamins and trace minerals.

Feeding Instructions:

1 sachet (60 g) per day mixed with the feed, preferably in the evening, for a minimum of 10 days

Available in: Box: 10 sachets of 60g, Carton: 100 sachets of 60g

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